We are the Radio Amateur Club Of Oneida Neighbors in Malad Idaho, USA

Hello there neighbor and welcome to our great club in Malad, ID! We are a dedicated group of amateur radio operators (hams) who provide public service and communications for Oneida county and beyond.

You can find us on the air on either 146.540 Simplex or our 448.950- 77.0 repeater. 

See the repeater page for more information. 

Net held Sundays at 8:00PM

Check out our Facebook group for the most recent ongoings

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Latest News:

Custom Club Badges

Bill/Tracy have made arrangements with "The Sign Man" to make custom badges with the club logo.
To order yours go to: https://thesignman.com/clubs/racoonscart.html

Repeater work 27-28OCT

A trip was originally made to install a new battery and charger for the repeater. During a routine check of the equipment, it was noticed that the tuning had been thrown off likely by thermal changes and lightning. This began over 20 hours of work over two days to realign, retune, and improve the repeater. Seems to work much better now!